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pet chips resin polyester chips 100% virgin 2022

Product Description
pet chips resin is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin in the polyester family and is used in clothing fibers, containers for liquids and food, thermoforming materials in manufacturing, and in combination with glass fibers to form engineering resins.
pet resin
Advantages 1.High melting point, good heat resistance, be suitable for use at UL 140C continuously.
2.High mechanical strength, especially for stiffness
3.Good chemical resistance, excellent anti-corrosion for organicsolvents.
4.Excellent electrical properties, be suitable for use as an insulation material
5.Light in weight, less noise and anti-corrosion, as compared with metals
6.Low water absorption better dimensional stability.
7.Good surface gloss, good painting and easy coloring
Applications 1. Various types of food, medicines, non-toxic sterile packaging materials; Textiles, precision instruments, electrical components, high-grade packaging materials; Tapes, videotapes, film, computer floppy disk, metal coating and the substrate such as photographic film; Electrical insulation materials, capacitor film, flexible printed circuit boards and membrane switch and other electronics and machinery.
2. Package bottle: From the initial development of carbonated beverages to the present beer bottles, cooking oil bottles, condiment bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles.
3. Electric products: Manufacture of connectors, coil winding tube, integrated circuit case, capacitor, transformer enclosure, TV accessories, tuners, switches, timer cover, auto fuses, motor bracket, and relays.
4. Auto Parts: Such as distribution panels cover, ignition coils, valves, exhaust parts, distributor cap, casing measuring instruments, small electric motor housings, etc., can also be a good use of PET coating, surface gloss and rigidity, making the car exterior parts.
5. Machinery and equipment: Manufacture of gears, cams, pump housing, pulleys, motor frames and watch parts, can be used as the microwave oven baking, a variety of roof, outdoor billboards and models.
6. PET Plastic molding can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, coating, bonding, machining, electroplating, plating, vacuum metallization, printing.